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The Mountain Town of Arahova PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jakob Jelling   
Jan 21, 2006 at 09:50 PM
Arahova is a village or small town situated on a mountain which offers the charm and magic of conserving many of its antique traditions and characteristics almost unchanged. Visiting this town can almost be like going back to the past and discover many characteristics and constructions from antique époques while forgetting about modern life worries and lifestyles.

The mountain town of Arahova can be found at about 35 kilometers from Livadia, another appealing Greek destination tourists should not miss while being in this area of the country. Besides these cities, there also are several other unique and attractive destinations visitors can meet in this region of Greece, and therefore it is recommendable to count with as much time as possible at the time of their visit.

The economy of Arahova is based on its handworks, art works, agriculture, and tourism among other resources. Among the most peculiar resources tourists could discover in Arahova, there is the production of traditional rugs and bags which is almost impossible for tourists not to want to acquire as a memory of their visit. Another product this town produces and often sells to several other cities and destination is a variety of unique fabrics.

Spring time is one of the best times of the year for visiting Arahova. During this season, and specifically on April 23rd, the town celebrates St George's day for three days on a role. During this celebration, tourists could see the town's men dressing in local traditional customs while they could enjoy a variety of unique meals as well.

While visiting Arahova, tourists could also meet Distomo, another unique spot situated at about 10 kilometers from this town. Distomo has been a spot in which several amazing archeological discoveries were found, and many of which tourists could find at the local museum. This museum is also interesting due to the fact that it had a very important role in what is known as the Revolution of 1821. As it can be noticed, Arahona and its surroundings offer a wide variety of appealing characteristics and interesting options which turn it into a charming and unique destination.

About the Author
Jakob Jelling is the founder of Please visit if you're planning a trip to Greece.

Last Updated ( Dec 22, 2006 at 12:55 AM )
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